Krista Clement

April 08th, 2015
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avatarI didn’t have the opportunity to stay at Piaynemo Homestay, but I did have the opportunity to spend a day relaxing on the beautiful property and speaking with the wonderful host. Piaynemo is in a beautiful spot- nice bungalow in a lovely shaded mangrove with access to a very beautiful, long and quiet swimming beach. Baby black tip sharks and stingrays actually do swim under the bungalows! Facilities are great, clean and the food is lovely. The homestay is building an overwater restaurant and private overwater bungalow to be completed some time next year. It’s conveniently located near several great snorkeling spots and near the famous Piaynemo viewpoint, a slice of paradise and one of the most tranquil spots on the globe! I can’t wait to go back and stay for longer than a day! Enjoy!