Jessica & Thomas says

April 08th, 2015
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I stayed in Piaynemo homestay for 2 nights and it’s been wonderful, i recommend you to stay here if you are a person who loves nature, peace and love to be surrounded by nice people.

The people here are nice, friendly and super helpful

– Though they don’t have their own diving centre, they tried to find a diving instructor for me and my boyfriend. And they find us a very skillful diving instructor!
– Pak Chris is very helpful, he gave fruitful information and he is very responsive. I wanted to share the boat price because it’s too expensive for only the 2 of us, and he managed to find us the partner to share the boat’s price, super helpful!
– The boat crews are lovely brothers. I loved to observe when they tease each other. The guys are around 20-30 years old and have muscular bodies, very nice to see, hahaha… And esp. it’s good to snorkel with them, i feel safe to have them around. The youngest kid is 14 years old, named Heli. Heli is also lovely, i love when he is very talented in creating a fire from the tree branches, a very natural born kid. We sang, climbed hill, played chess and had good time together!
– I love Pak Chris’ dad and mom. They have great smile and it’s very good to talk with them.

Other things that made my stay so pleasant :
– It’s so good that the homestay provides kayak for the guest. We can take kayak ourselves inside the lagoon. The lagoon is very big and shallow in many areas so we can snorkel, swim and take kayak around.
– The bed is comfy, and i like shape of the mosquito net.
– They have many small black tip shark around that eat anything that you threw, a good killing time moment.
– The homestay also can provide coconut, and the coconut is very tasty, I love it so much.
– The beach in the back side of homestay is very beautiful at night. It is full of stars and you can feel the warm breeze of wind and wave.
– The homestay is 5 minutes away to a hill that has great sunset view. The path to go up to the hill is not well created, so if you like a challenge like me, you will love this place. You will need to try to find a way to go up, going through plantations, up, up, up for around 15 – 20 mins then the beach and sunset view will welcome you once you reached the top. If you are not very into challenge, you can just walk for 5 mins and stay in a place where you can also enjoy sunset and beach view. Win win!
– It’s very close to the iconic mini wayag panoramic hill. People who have more time to spend in the homestay can go there again and again to enjoy the spectacular view both from above the hill or from the boat/bridge just to enjoy the amazing bluegreenish water of the lagoon.

At night, it’s kinda hot, will be good if they add more windows.
I told Pak Chris if they can provide more toilet and he said he’ll do it. He is very open to feedback. Now they are constructing two more rooms and Pak Chris said that he will add 2 toilets. I’m sure Piaynemo homestay will be growing and keep improving with all the assets (both human resource and breathtaking surrounding) that it has!

Very recommended to stay!